Kit Contents
Item Description QTY/Pack
PAP70520EA Pink Pearl Eraser EACH 2
9251003 Facial Tissue Off-Brand 1
24 Crayola Crayons 24 ct. 3
CHL89003 Clipboard Letter 9x12 1
BIN8703 Pip Squeak Markers 16ct 1
BAZ2332EA Barrel Style Highlighter 1
ELM2014772 Elmers School Glue Sticks 6
ISC32312 Pencils #2 Sharpened Dz 3
DP2X Colored Copy Paper 500 Sheet Ream 1
FEZ70126 Folder Pocket Only EACH 1
ISC78101 Notebook 1-subject Wide 3
WIPES Wipes 90ct Pop Up Refill 1
BAZ1200 Dry Erase Marker 4/Pack 1
QUART Zippered Quart Bags 1
FSK9416 Scissors 5 Blunt Tip 1
SENHM278 Headphones Retro Stereo 1

Kidz School Box

Collierville Elementary 1st Grade Girl


item #: 152072

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